A lifelong dream of mine has been to use creativity as a vehicle to create more joy in the world by combining two things that bring me happiness; chocolate and fashion. I believe that chocolate purchased sustainably has the power to transform the world, from improving the livelihoods of the cacao farmers to the joy experienced by the end consumer.”

-Jacqueline Jacek, Founder & Cocoanista


 Embracing Innovation

Like fashion, chocolate trends continue to change.  One of the benefits of designing in chocolate is that our medium is four dimensional.  In addition to structure, color, and form, we also embrace the fourth dimension of flavor, which makes innovation limitless.  We are committed to creating products that dazzle all types of palates, from classic flavours like the little black dress in your wardrobe to truly unique flavours fit for the proverbial Met Gala.  Our unique business model of launching brand new collections seasonally not only keeps our team excited and engaged, it's an opportunity for our customers to join our creative journey as we explore what is possible.


Chocolate with Purpose

In 2009, JACEK began as a small home-based venture fueled by a big dream. Our mission to 'spread joy' is simple yet profound.  Our goal is to eliminate the guesswork from your chocolate purchases, ensuring each bite is crafted with the utmost care and intention including sustainable sourcing practices.

We are committed to educating the communities we serve about what fine chocolate is, and how it differs from 'bulk' or 'confectionary' chocolate.  We source both our cacao and chocolate (what's the difference?) from transparent sources to ensure the highest quality product with a clean supply chain.

Through our bean-to-bar process, we forge direct relationships with producers or via transparent third-party intermediaries. Our goal is to foster a future where cacao farming flourishes, transforming struggle into prosperity, enabling farmers to support their families and communities.

Ensuring Quality and Safety Every Step of the Way

At JACEK we prioritize the quality and safety of our products by ensuring that none of our recipes include gluten ingredients. While we do not utilize gluten in any of our chocolates, it's important to note that we are not a dedicated gluten-free facility. However, we maintain the highest standards of food safety and compliance, being licensed by CFIA (Canadian Food Inspection Agency) to ensure our offerings meet regulatory requirements and traceability.

Our production facility and boutique are located on Kaska Road in Sherwood Park, Alberta. We have am Edmonton flagship location on the west end of the city in Crestwood Centre at 9674-142 St NW.  We have two retail partner locations; one in St. Albert at Simone & Ivy and one at Stonewaters in Canmore. There are over 200 retailers across Canada who sell select JACEK products.  For a full list  of locations, please see our retail store page.


Community Initiative

Since our inception is 2009, we have been intentional about supporting our community. Our JACEK 1% Program commits to giving 1% of our total sales to community-based initiatives and organizations. This program along with our commitment to ethical sourcing aligns to our mission to spread joy.

Community Involvement 


Awards and Recognition

Junior Achievement Impact Award for Northern Alberta

Silver Medal for the Whisky Bar in the International Chocolate Awards (the Americas)
Silver Medal for the 70% Dominican Republic in the International Chocolate Awards (the Americas)
Bronze Medal for the 70% Colombia in the International Chocolate Awards (the Americas)
Bronze Medal for the 70% Colombia in the International Chocolate Awards (the Worlds)

Silver Medal for the Costa Rica 70% in the International Chocolate Awards (the Americas)

Silver Medal for the Whisky Bar and a Bronze Medal for the Costa Rica 70% in the International Chocolate Awards (the Americas)

Gold Medal for the Tasters IACCT – International Chocolate Awards for the Colombia 70%

Silver Medal by the International Chocolate Awards for the Colombia 70% bar and the Costa Rica 70% bar
Bronze Medal for The Edmund and the Dominican Republic 90% bar
Bronze Medal by the Academy of Chocolate for the Dominican Republic 70% bar, the Dominican Republic 90% bar and The Edmund

Best Chocolatier, Avenue Magazine Edmonton

Best Chocolatier, Avenue Magazine Edmonton, Top 40 Under 40, Avenue Magazine Edmonton

Business Leaders Award, Business in Edmonton Magazine, Global Woman of Vision, Global TV

Business of the Year Award, Sherwood Park Chamber of Commerce

Top 10 Chocolatiers in North America, Dessert Professional Magazine (New York), Don Neil Young Award for Entrepreneurship, Top 25 Things to Eat, Avenue Magazine.


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