Vegan Chocolate Collection

  • $14.00

Our vegan chocolate 6-piece assortment contains:

Petite Audrey (x1): 64% dark chocolate from Madagascar with tart cherry & toasted pistachio.

Petite Rodrigo (x1): 55% dark chocolate laced with passionfruit & candied ginger pieces.

Blueberry & Violet (x2): Floral violet ganache topped with blueberry caramel. 

Coconut & Vanilla Caramel (x2): Oozy coconut caramel laced with vanilla bean.

This product is best enjoyed within two weeks of delivery. Please store in dry, cool place.

Contains: Nuts, Soy, Sulfites. May contain: Milk, Gluten, Peanuts. See ingredients and nutritional information.