A portrait of Jacqueline Jacek. She is seated in front of a elegant wallpapered wall, and is smiling while holding a 24-pc chocolate box.

About JACEK Chocolate Couture

People don’t disagree with Jacqueline Jacek when she says that she has one of the best jobs in the world as a ‘Cocoanista’- a chocolate designer.  The concept was created when she couldn’t decide whether to become a fashion designer or a chocolatier, so combined the two to create her dream job. Like fashion, JACEK launches seasonal collections to that are a treat to the eyes and the taste buds.  In addition to using fine chocolate from France, JACEK has recently launched the Fabric Collection which is their inaugural bean-to-bar collection.

JACEK Chocolate Couture was started as a one woman show in late in 2009 in a basement in Sherwood Park, and now includes a production facility, three retail boutiques (Sherwood Park, downtown Edmonton and Canmore), an online store and a talented team of dynamo’s!  In addition, JACEK has partnered with leading retailers who sell their line of chocolate bars and confections.

Although they are committed to innovation, artistry and sustainability, their quest is to spread joy through fine, fashionable chocolate.

Interested to know how chocolate is made?  Check out the journey of a cocoa bean!

Awards & Recognition

2011: Top 10 Chocolatiers in North America, Dessert Professional Magazine (New York), Don Neil Young Award for Entrepreneurship, Top 25 Things to Eat, Avenue Magazine

2014: Business of the Year Award, Sherwood Park Chamber of Commerce

2015: Business Leaders Award, Business in Edmonton Magazine, Global Woman of Vision, Global TV

2016: Best Chocolatier, Avenue Magazine Edmonton, Top 40 Under 40, Avenue Magazine Edmonton

2017: Best Chocolatier, Avenue Magazine Edmonton

2018: Silver Medal by the International Chocolate Awards for the Colombia 70% bar and the Costa Rica 70% bar, Bronze Medal for The Edmund and the Dominican Republic 90% bar & Bronze Medal by the Academy of Chocolate for the Dominican Republic 70% bar, the Dominican Republic 90% bar and The Edmund

2019: Gold Medal for the Tasters IACCT – International Chocolate Awards for the Colombia 70%

2020/21: Silver Medal for the Whisky Bar and a Bronze Medal for the Costa Rica 70% in the International Chocolate Awards (the Americas)

All of her chocolate creations are non-traditional and, like fashion designs, are offered in limited six-piece collections that she launches seasonally, four times a year.

“When it comes to chocolate in Edmonton, artistry is just as important as taste. Not only do these bonbons, truffles and bars taste out-of-this-world, but they are delicately decorated too. […] Owner and founder Jacqueline Jacek calls herself a coconista. What is that, you ask? A chocolate designer. Jacek has combined her twin loves, fashion and chocolate, to create seasonal collections of stunning sweets that are a treat for the eye and the stomach.”

“You can grab a candy bar at any convenience store – but it’s so refreshing to find someone who takes pride in the craft of chocolate making…”

“A self-proclaimed “Cocoanista” Jacqueline Jacek shows where fashion and food converge in her seasonal chocolate collections…”