Thank You Collection 12 piece

  • $27.50

Show your appreciation and give a truly unique gift to someone who deserves it! Say thank you with our limited-edition box of chocolates. This box includes an assortment of our current flavors and is topped off with a special 'Thank You' creamy milk chocolate. 

It includes:

1 x Thank you chocolate

1x Raspberry Cordial

1 x Earl Grey

1 x Creamy Milk Chocolate

1x Cafe de Olla

1 x Butter Caramel

1 x Oozy Salted Caramel

1 x Chewy Caramel

1 x Vanilla Bean

1 x Passionfruit Coconut Caramel

1 x Honey Pot

1 x Violet's "blew"berry 

*Flavours included are subject to variation based on availability. Find a list of the current flavours here.

This product is best enjoyed within two weeks of delivery. Please store in dry, cool place.

Contains: Milk, Soy, Pistachios. May contain: Peanuts, Gluten. See ingredients and nutritional information.