Five Creative Ways to Enjoy Sipping Chocolate

Sipping Chocolate is more versatile than you think! This mixture of dark and milk chocolate lends itself well to a variety of uses beyond just hot chocolate. Get inspired with some ideas below and get creative with it!

Sipping Dessert

Did you know there is an even more luxurious way to enjoy your hot chocolate? Instead of making it with milk, try using cream! This will make your drink thick and decadent, enjoyed best as a sipped beverage.

Ice Cream Topping

Next time you enjoy a bowl of your favourite ice cream, sprinkle it with some sipping chocolate!

Hot Chocolate

Nothing beats a classic hot chocolate on a winter day! Follow the recipe on the back of the Sipping Chocolate pouch, and add some whipped cream and crushed candy cane to make it an extra festive treat.

Chocolate Sauce

You can never go wrong with chocolate sauce! Melt the Sipping Chocolate using a double boiler (or in the microwave at 10 second increments) then drizzle it on cakes, ice cream, pies, or fruit!

Chocolate Fondue

A classic chocolate dessert! One cup of cream, two pouches (300g) of Sipping Chocolate, and a saucepan are all it takes to make a chocolate dessert worthy of any party.