Achieving Balance: How Two Moms Find Success in Business and Home Life


This article explores how Lane Edwards, owner of PURA Botanicals, and Jacqueline Jacek, owner of JACEK chocolate, successfully manage their roles as both moms and business owners.




1. How have you been able to successfully juggle both your business and parenting roles?

Jacqueline: I feel like I have been able to prioritize tasks well based on urgency and importance, and effectively using a schedule with a daily to-do list to stay organized – and, yes, this is done in a hard copy agenda (I love pretty stationary!) for both our family and business tasks/activities.  I find that adding tasks to specific days versus having a daunting, never-ending to-do list allows me set realistic expectations of what can get done in a day as I can visually see when a day is getting overloaded.  I am a big fan of breaking things down to manageable action items to complete large projects or to achieve goals.

Lane: There is no magical way to do it or get it all done. Everyday looks different and some weeks I'm definitely able to juggle better than others. I'm very fortunate to have a supportive partner, and I really make an effort to choose my projects wisely so I'm not overcommitting myself. Healthy boundaries are so important for everyone's health and wellbeing. Appreciate the joyful moments and rest easy knowing the super hard work times ebb and flow. 


2. What do you enjoy most about being both a business owner and a mom?

Lane: I love the flexibility. I also think it's valuable for my kids to see that when we invest in ourselves and commit to creating something people care about, it's not only fulfilling, challenging and fruitful, but also a total rollercoaster. It's ok for them to see the ups and downs. It prepares them for their own journey, and shows them that success is ever fluid. Becoming a mother inspired my whole business creating a clean beauty company. Having children puts a lot of things in perspective for me and motivates me daily to be resilient and legacy-minded.

Jacqueline:  I feel very lucky to be a business owner and a mom as both give me a huge sense of fulfillment and purpose.  I don’t think that someone needs to own a business or to be a mom to be fulfilled, but both are something that I have dreamed of for myself.  I actually think that there are a lot of similarities in raising a child and growing business as both experience different stages of growth & development.  It brings me such joy to witness this growth, and it is a privilege to be a part of it, both as a mom and the steward of the business.  I really enjoy thinking, reading and learning about how I can be a better mom and leader, as I am very much in development as well.


    Jacqui and Lane at a table


3. What is the biggest lesson you have learned as a business owner and mom?

Jacqueline: There continues to be many lessons, but I think the biggest lesson continues to be around the benefits of being flexible and adaptable.  Humbly speaking, turns out that my plans aren’t always aligned with those of the higher powers in both parenting and business affairs.  I am learning that adapting to the reality of things with a positive mindset and compassion serves me and those around me the best.

Lane: Know the ways back to yourself. Know what fills your cup and know your limits. I do my best to create space to do things I love since PURA demands such genuine creativity and innovation, and my kids are always challenging me to grow too. I unwind and destress by putting down my phone and reading in the bath, gardening in the spring and summer, different exercises, depending on the season and how my body is feeling. I love ballet, yoga, swimming, baseball and a good gym workout. Little trips to the ocean or mountains always recharge me. Laughter is the best. I have an amazing group of friends in my community and fellow female-business owners that really bring me joy. I try to focus on what I can control. I'm still learning to be kind and patient with myself when the week hasn't gone as smooth as I'd like it to.  


4. What tips do you have for other moms who are struggling to find balance between their business and family life?

Lane: Plan well, be as organized as possible (Google Calendar is a lifesaver) and don't be afraid or feel guilty asking for help. Take time off to refresh and reconnect with yourself and your loved ones, even if it's just a staycation to reset. I'm a Cancerian, so I love being home, but I also love to travel. As happy as I am to go, I might be even happier to return home. If I can keep my home in order, I'm much more relaxed, grounded and creative, but it's a huge challenge with our hectic schedules. Fortunately, my mother-in-law taught her son how to cook and clean. I can't imagine doing it all. 

 Jacqueline: I talk about this a lot, but it’s the ability to graciously say ‘no’ without guilt.  I know for myself, I used to feel really bad about thinking that I was letting people down (hindsight – I almost never was) or worrying about what they would think of me.  There are so many demands in parenting and business that understanding my priorities has helped me navigate what the ‘heck yes’’ are and what the ‘no’s’ are, which are sometimes a ‘no for now’. I feel like I am able to find better balance once I have clarity on my capacity, priorities and goals.


5. How has your experience as a mom changed the way you approach your business?

Jacqueline: My heart grew once my son Oliver (11 yrs old) was born, which I feel has allowed me to be a more compassionate leader. 

Lane: I am far more compassionate and understanding. I have endless tabs open all at once, so I really need to work hard to be present in my business and as a mother to three. Each morning I wake up striving to have a good day and roll with our busy, full lives. 

It is clear that both amazing moms have demonstrated that with hard work, dedication, and a positive attitude, success in both family and entrepreneurship is achievable.