Beer and Chocolate- St. Patrick's Day Edition

Beer and chocolate are two of the worlds most beloved treats, and when combined they create a flavor experience like no other.  



There are many different styles of beer that can be paired with different types of chocolate, so its important to find the right combination to bring out the most in each product. Generally, dark and bitter beers pair best with dark and rich chocolates, while lighter beers are better suited to milk or white chocolatesHere are some of our festive recommended beer and chocolate pairings.


A dark stout with a dark chocolate bar – This combination brings out the bitter notes in the beer, while the sweetness of the chocolate counterbalances it.



We’ve paired this classic St. Patrick’s Day beer with our Dark Chocolate Crunch Egg. With notes of coffee and chocolate in this famous stout, it makes the perfect match for our smooth, Colombia ganache! 


A Red Ale with a milk chocolate bar – The caramel and toffee flavors in the beer pair perfectly with the creamy sweetness of the chocolate.



This is the Lucky’s Irish Red Ale from Snake Lake Brewing out of Sylvan Lake. This easy drinking ale brewed with Chocolate Rye Malts goes wonderfully with our Caramelized Chocolate and Pretzel Egg


A fruit beer with white chocolate – The fruity notes in the beer are enhanced by the sweetness of the white chocolate.



Last but not least, is Rest Day Blonde Ale from Born Brewing Co. This bright, citrusy beer has notes of ginger and yuzu… could it be any more perfect for our Yuzu and Pistachio Egg? We think not! 


No matter what style of beer or chocolate you choose, you can be sure that it will be a delicious and unique pairing. Shop our Easter Collection! 


Happy St. Patrick's Day
-The JACEK team