About JACEK Chocolate Couture

As irresistible on the eyes as they are on the taste buds, JACEK Chocolate Couture’s Cocoanista designs chocolate collections with options for all chocolate lovers; from exquisite classic flavors to contemporary fusions.  Each piece is hand-crafted using fine French chocolate or our bean-to-bar line, and fresh ingredients.

A passion for all that is tasty and beautiful is what drove Jacqueline Jacek (née LaBerge) to learn the art of becoming an artisan chocolatier. Since 2003, she has been studying the cocoa bean, mastering techniques and developing recipes for her edible creations. The fusion of her love for fashion and food has resulted in a unique boutique style collection that is continuously evolving.

She officially launched the JACEK Chocolate Couture brand on 1 December, 2009 from a home-based chocolate studio. In September 2012, JACEK Chocolate Couture expanded into a commercial chocolate studio for production, which also includes a boutique where customers can come in and shop.

In 2014, JACEK expanded again and opened a flagship store on the vibrant 104th street promenade in downtown Edmonton.


Awards & Recognition

In December 2011, JACEK Chocolate Couture was chosen as one of the Top 10 Chocolatiers in North America. In addition, Jacqueline Jacek was awarded the Don Neil Young Award for Entrepreneurship (2011) & the Business of the Year Award (2014) by the Sherwood Park Chamber of Commerce, the Leaders Award by Business in Edmonton (2015), chosen as Global Woman of Vision (2015), and recognized as a #1 Chocolatier in Avenue Magazine's 'Top Restaurants' Edition 2016. Jacqueline Jacek’s profile is continuing to grow across North America with regular television spots, feature segments and articles in newspapers and magazines.

All of her chocolate creations are non-traditional and, like fashion designs, are offered in limited six-piece collections that she launches seasonally, four times a year.

“…Each chocolate is a sculpted work of art; even looking at the photos makes my mouth water. Vibrantly coloured, high-gloss chocolate, enrobes mouth-watering centres of creamy, decadent flavour.  The Velvet Milk Chocolate Mousse infused with cardamom is heaven, the Lemon Cheesecake is pure perfection – and if it were possible, they are almost too beautiful to eat.”

“You can grab a candy bar at any convenience store – but it’s so refreshing to find someone who takes pride in the craft of chocolate making…”

“A self-proclaimed “Cocoanista” Jacqueline Jacek shows where fashion and food converge in her seasonal chocolate collections…”