JACEK Chocolate Couture is an artisan chocolate collection clad in decadence. Each piece is handmade in Sherwood Park, AB, using the freshest ingredients & finest chocolate to adorn your taste buds. LEARN MORE

JACEK Chocolate Boutique

Come to the JACEK Chocolate Boutique to meet with one of our Chocolate Stylists. We will tailor a perfect selection for your palate. Visit Us

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Recipe: Green cocoa nib smoothie

The mornings where I’m running late and don’t have the time to make a proper wholesome breakfast, this is my ‘go to’. Smoothies are a great way to get tons of vegetables and vitamins while drinking something that tastes ... READ MORE

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Items needed for the shipment to Bulembu!

A wonderful team of Bulembu supporters and volunteers are putting together the items needed in Bulembu, to include in a shipment leaving in late fall.  Please note that they are only sending lightly used/or new clothing as the space in the ... READ MORE