You’re invited!

JACEK has recently launched a line of bean-to-bar chocolate in an effort to continue to develop our core purpose to spread joy. Why are we taking this step, and what makes bean-to-bar chocolate different? We are currently sourcing cacao from three origins; Peru, the Dominican Republic and Venezuela.

We are opening up our chocolate studio to our customers so that you can meet our talented team of chocolatiers & JACEK team members, witness chocolate being made from the cocoa bean, and experience the magic. This is an opportunity to get chocolate nerdy with me and my team, and to learn about JACEK’s Fabric Collection… And just a little hint; we will also be launching some new products to the Fabric Collection so you will be the first to taste them!


Date          Thursday July 28th, 2016

Location   The JACEK Chocolate Couture studio, 406 Kaska Road, Sherwood                   Park, AB, T8A 4G8

Time          5pm-8pm

Come taste chocolate at different stages of the chocolate making process, enjoy some pairings and learn how you can use craft chocolate & cocoa nibs at home. Although the chocolate making process takes 12 days (check out the process), there will be different stations set up in the studio to show you the various steps involved in transformation cacao to chocolate.

Please let us know if you plan to join us!

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  1. My friends and me probably 4 to 5 people are coming on Thursday! So exciting !!!!! We love Chocolate!!!!! Really appreciate for the open house!!!!!!

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