The JACEK Joy Campaign (Calgary 2015)


  Last month, the majority of the JACEK Chocolate Couture Staff packed up bright and early for a day of spreading joy, inspiration, and team bonding in Calgary. Also known as, the JACEK Joy Campaign.
calgary 3

While in Calgary, we wanted to visit and experience some of the cities amazing local eateries. Naturally, our first stop was a coffee shop to refuel from the long morning drive. So off we went to Analog Coffee on 17th Ave, a shop that is owned by Fratello Coffee Roasters. The shop was very busy with a majority of the seating taken and a constant flow of people coming and going. We managed to find an area that we could sit to enjoy our coffees and absorb everything around us.


Watching the baristas work behind the bar was incredible. Being able to see the precise work that goes into each and every drink made you appreciate the coffee, the art, and skill even more.

Our next stop was Corbeaux Bakery, which also happens to be owned by Fratello and just a few stores down from Analog Coffee. We ordered a variety of pastries and sandwiches and sat down to taste.
Calgary 18






Everything we tried was amazing; perfect flavour in every bite. Some of our favourites were the cinnamon bun, basil macaron (yes, basil!) and lemon tart.

After enjoying just a small selection of what Corbeaux has to offer, we decided it was time for a little friendly competition. Here at JACEK, spreading joy is what we do best and why not spread some JACEK joy down in Calgary? Our group split into teams of three to go around and bring joy (aka chocolate) to random people. We had 45 minutes before we were to meet back up at Modern Jelly Doughnuts to share our stories and indulge in handmade doughnuts.  The 9 stories of spreading joy were incredible (and amazing to see how skeptical people were about a gift for no reason, but then were so grateful!).

Once we each picked our doughtnuts (which were a perfect treat!) we all sat down together to replay the last 45 minutes. Part of the contest was that you had to take a picture of your group spreading joy. Here are some of the photos that were a result of this competition.



Judi,Cora (Horse mask)and the lovely gentlemen who was working behind the counter of a vibrant candy store.


Theresa, Katie, and Heather spreading joy and dressing up.

calgary scor

A very ginger Curtis and Devin making a stop at the Scottish Shopp.


Judi and Cora making a stop at a construction site.


Katie, Theresa, and Heather with two chefs from The Market on 17th.


Curtis and Devin spreading joy to this lovely man. He was so excited he opened his box right there to dig in!


The result of one of Curtis, Devin, and Lizs box of joy to a tattoo shop, a JOY sharpie tattoo!

Everyone had so much fun meeting new people and gifting our chocolates, it was a wonderful experience to have.

Our next destination was the Glenbow Museum. If you’re in the Calgary area, I would highly recommend visiting Glenbow. It is four stories of displays, art, and culture.

The second to last destination on our list was none other than Village Ice Cream just a few blocks away from the museum. Village creates handcrafted ice cream right there in the store. They have ten year round flavours including cardamom, toasted coconut, Phil & Sebastian coffee, and salted caramel. You can also pop in to enjoy a few of their seasonal flavours and even ice cream sandwiches. We had the pleasure of meeting Billy the owner who took the time to chat with us for a bit!

calgary 20

     Jacek team and Billy the owner of Village Ice cream.

  Our final stop on the JACEK Joy Campaign was Anju on 17th Avenue for dinner. We went to Anju in hopes to try something completely different and something none of us had tried before. The modern twist on their Korean tapas were just the thing we were hoping for. With every dish that came to the table a round of ohs and ahs went with it. Anju has a menu that anyone can enjoy and are now open for brunch as well!

Calgary 1

Spicy salmon tacos with avocado mousse

calgary 5

Crispy Tofu (I am usually one to turn

away from tofu, however this dish

changed that)

calgary 8

KFC : Korean Fried Chicken

  This is just a snap shot of the many dishes we were able to try. For anyone looking for somewhere new to try while visiting Calgary, Anju comes highly recommended.

calgary 21

   Our JACEK Joy Campaign was an unforgettable experience. We were able to spend time together as a team while enjoying just some of the great places Calgary has offer. A big thank you to Analog Coffee, Corbeaux Bakery, Modern Jelly Doughnuts, Glenbow museum, Village Ice Cream, and Anju for being so accommodating for our group. Also, thank you to Dinner with Julie, for the great recommendations!