A cozy Thanksgiving pairing by Sommelier Sasha McCauley

When JACEK Chocolate goes to the pumpkin patch, and returns with a delicious Thanksgiving caramel, I just had to find a pairing for it: PX in the Pumpkin Patch with JACEK Pumpkin Spice Caramel. Sherry is an underappreciated wine category, which is unfortunate as it has a range of styles from bone dry to very sweet, that display an array of flavours and are wonderfully complex. When I saw a Pumpkin Spice Caramel was included in the Thanksgiving collection, I knew I wanted to try it with Lustau Pedro Ximénez (PX) Sherry. I was excited to pair the caramel with something a little different, a little unexpected.

Pumpkin Spice Caramel: Pumpkin spice laced into a chewy caramel, enrobed in dark chocolate. The Thanksgiving Collection is only available for the 10 days leading up to Thanksgiving 2017 (October 9th).

Lustau Pedro Ximénez San Emilio Sherry – 100% Pedro Ximénez grapes, mat dried in the sun to shrivel to almost raisin consistency. The dark dense colour is the first hint of the richness that is to come. Sweet aromas of brown sugar, molasses, honey and caramel, with fruit notes of figs and raisin, along with baking spice scents.  Sweet, rich, velvety smooth in the mouth, this wine has a lot of weight, depth and lushness that is kept from being overbearing with an acidic backbone. A gorgeous wine.

Together – These two are made for each other. Both are rich, sweet and lush, both have baking spice notes. They balance each other, sweetness for sweetness, weight to weight. One of the pairing tricks for working with sweet foods, is to make sure the wine is equally as sweet if not more so. If you are unsure of Sherry, this is a great way to try it, paired with a Caramel that works so well with it.

This pairing is dessert, together they are the sweet treat to finish a meal with. Bring as a hostess gift this Thanksgiving, serve as an alternative (bake free!) to pumpkin pie or enJoy with leftovers.

You can purchase Lustau Pedro Ximénez at DeVine Wine and Spirits across the street from JACEK Chocolate on 104 St, Edmonton.

To find the wine at a store near you: liquorconnect.com

Written by our very own Fairy BoozeMother, Sasha McCauley