Tempering Chocolate- Christmas in November Guests

Firstly, a huge thank you to those that attended the JACEK Chocolate session at Christmas in November 2014  at the Jasper Park Lodge.

As promised please find below the instructions on how to temper chocolate to create your beautiful pieces for Christmas (remember, be innovative and think outside the box when it comes to flavour infusions!).

Tempering Dark Chocolate

1.  Melt your chocolate in a bain-marie (double boiler) until it reaches 45 degrees celcius.  (you can purchase a laser thermometer from Costco for $34.95)

2. On a marble (or granite slab), pour 2/3 of  the melted chocolate, and use an offset spatula to move  the chocolate around to cool it quickly, created the desired cocoa butter crystals to promote stable tempering.  Cool the chocolate to 27 degrees Celsius.  You can test the temperature by using the laser thermometer, or by doing the ‘lip test’ that I demonstrated.

3.  Pour the cooled chocolate on the slab back into the bowl with the warm chocolate, and the chocolate should warm up to about 32 degrees Celsius.

4. Mix the chocolate well.

5.  Do a ‘temper test’ by putting some of the chocolate on a knife and letting it set in the fridge to ensure that the chocolate will set without streaks.  (if there are streaks, stir the chocolate well, and let it sit for a few more minutes… remember, the key factors in tempering chocolate are time, temperature & movement).

6.  Once the chocolate is at 32 degrees Celsius, you can cast your molds.

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