A Spicy Pairing Indeed…

A Spicy Pairing- Café De Olla and Susana Balbo Late Harvert Malbec


It’s here, the Throw Back Collection! The Winter Collection 2016/2017 contains an assortment of 6 decadent chocolates, flavours from past collections.  It is enJoyable to revisit some favourite flavours, and try a new pairing.  The Chili truffle was from the Black Tie Collection

Chili: Dark chocolate delicately laced with chili (gluten free).

Susana Balbo Late Harvest Malbec: I’ll start at the finish (the flavours left in the mouth after you have swallowed the wine) in this wine, a long lush finish of spicy cherry. When the finish is this good, you want  get to it, and to get there you have to try the wine.  The beginning is a beautiful nose with ripe black cherry and plums, baking spices of cloves, cinnamon, and hints of violets and tobacco.  Then the palate, layers of ripe red fruits are combined with notes of dark chocolate and spice with a touch of anise leading to an amazingly long finish. Lush, rich red dessert wine with a tone of layers making this an outstanding dessert wine.

Together: The spice of the truffle is subtle at first, then it grows as you finish it.  The finish on the wine is lush and rich with a sweetness that balances the heat of the truffle.  Chocolate and spice, berries and violets all these flavours swirl in your mouth, a textured layered pairing that ends with warmth as the flavours subside.

Save this for a cold January night, when you need a little heat in your life. Perfect for your fierce girlfriend, your feisty aunt, the best Girl Boss who is blazing a trail of awesomeness, and the passionate lady Red in your life.  Use for an easy dessert at your next dinner party, as a sophisticated end to a snowy Sunday Brunch, and for Boxing Day curled up by the fire.  A great gift for the hostess with the mostess, your favourite red headed radio announcer, and all those who like it spicy.

Yours in Wine,

Sasha    The Fairy Booze Mother

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You can find this wine at a liquor store near you in Alberta.