JACEK Sampler {24-piece}


Product Description

The JACEK sampler contains an assortment of 24 decadent chocolates. Chocolates are made using fresh ingredients; enjoy within ten days.



Maple Birthday Cake (1)Happy 150th Birthday Canada! Milk chocolate kissed with maple.

Stout (1)Mineside Stout (Canmore Brewing Co.) infused in a creamy ganache.

Sunflower Caramel (1)Toasted sunflower seeds in chewy caramel, enrobed in dark chocolate.

Campfire (1)Smoked chipotle in dark chocolate.

Northern Lights (1): Chicory & coffee infused ganache in milk chocolate.

Pine & Honey (1): Dark chocolate laced with juniper and honey.

Atomic Orange (1): Orange & vanilla bean in a creamy white chocolate ganache.

Coconut Meltaway (vegan – 1): Silky dark chocolate from the Dominican Republic with coconut oil.

Dark Chocolate (1): Classic dark chocolate truffle made with cacao beans from Costa Rica.

Hazelnut Crunch (1): Gianduja with crunch wrapped in dark chocolate.

Vibrant Raspberry (1): Raspberry purée woven though milk chocolate, in a dark shell.

Milk Chocolate (1): Decadently creamy, a classic milk chocolate truffle.

Salted Caramel (2): Chewy caramel enrobed in dark chocolate, and accessorized with Fleur de Sel de Grande.

Passionfruit Caramel (2): A beautiful balance of sweetness and acidity; a caramel laced with passionfruit puree enrobed in dark chocolate.

Espresso Caramel (2): Coffee infused caramel in a suit of dark chocolate.

Petite Marilyn (1): 32% caramelized white chocolate with crunchy pearls

Petite Jackie (1): 36% caramelized milk chocolate with Fleur de Sel

Petite Cocoa (1): 39% milk chocolate drizzled with white chocolate.

Petit Frank (1): 40% milk chocolate with cocoa nib brittle.

Petite Audrey (1): 64% dark chocolate from Madagascar with tart cherry & toasted pistachio.

Petite Marguerite (1): 70% dark chocolate from Honduras.


Allergies: Product contains milk & soy. May contain traces of egg proteins, tree nuts, gluten and peanut.

Storage: The chocolates are fresh. Please keep them in a cool & dry place between 16-18°C.

Nutritional Information

ALLGERGIES:Contains soy and dairy. May contain traces of peanuts, tree nuts, gluten and egg.