70% Venezuela Bar with Fleur de Sel {100g} – Fabric Collection


Product Description


Chocolate is like fashion.  The chocolate maker makes chocolate from the raw materials like a fabric-maker creates textiles.  The chocolatier is the dressmaker, carefully selecting chocolate for truffles just as a fashion designer would choose fabrics for a dress.

The Fabric Collection is JACEK’s inaugural bean-to-bar collection.  This chocolate bar has been made using ethically sourced cocoa beans that have been sorted, roasted, winnowed and refined by us in Sherwood Park, AB. Check out the bean-to-bar process here!

There are three accessorized Fabric Collection bars; 70% from Venezuela with Fleur de Sel, 70% from Peru with Salted Almond and 90% Dominican Republic with Rock Sugar.


Ingredients: Cocoa beans, sugar, cocoa butter, sea salt.



Allergies: May contain traces of tree nuts or milk.

Storage: Please keep them in a cool & dry place between 16-18°C

Nutritional Info

Ingredients: Cocoa beans, Sugar, Cocoa butter, Sea salt