Chocolate Espresso Mousse in a glass cup, garnished with bits of chocolate and sliced strawberries.

Chocolate Espresso Mousse Recipe

Chocolate and coffee; a natural, beautiful, smooth pairing. This chocolate espresso mousse is not overly sweet or complicated. It’s a perfect simple dessert that can finish any meal off on the right note. Mousse has three main components; whipped cream, pâté à bombe, and of course, chocolate.

– 1 3/4 cup cold whipping cream
– 225 grams chopped Milk Couverture Chocolate
-1 tbsp. room temperature unsalted butter
-6 tbsp espresso, brewed
-6 egg yolks
-1/3 cup granulated sugar

First step, is to prepare your whipped cream. Whip cream until stiff peaks are formed. Be sure to not over whip as this can easily happen at this stage. Once whipped, cover mixing bowl and place in fridge to keep cool. In another mixing bowl, combine half the espresso, butter, Milk Couverture Chocolate and place bowl over a bain-marie. With a spatula, continuously scrape down sides of bowl until all three ingredients have come together and chocolate has melted. Set chocolate aside.
In a different mixing bowl, whisk together egg yolks and sugar, only until just combined. Mix in remaining espresso. If espresso is hot, continuously whisk egg yolks and sugar while pouring espresso to ensure the heat from the espresso does not cook the yolk. Once mixed, place egg mixture over a bain-marie and continuously whisk until the egg is hot to the touch. Be sure to continuously whip to again, avoid cooking the egg. After the egg mixture is hot, take off the bain-marie and whip until ribbon stage (when mixture holds its structure on the surface until slowly disappearing) This is called a pâté à bombe.
With a spatula, add pâté à bombe to the cooled chocolate, mixing until just combined. In three stages, add the stiff peaked whipped cream. Be careful to not over mix the mousse. After whip has been incorporated, scoop mousse into serving dishes and set in fridge for 1-2 hours before serving.

A big thank you to Jamie Dixon (104th Boutique Manager) for developing this amazing recipe!

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