Playlist Collection Featured Genre: Oldies

Good vibrations! Our #oldies truffle encompasses that feeling of nostalgia for the golden oldies! Encased by decadent dark chocolate, our creamy cherry cola ganache takes you back to a time of mom & pop shops, vintage cars and polka dots!

Our Summer 2018 collection, The Playlist, is a reflection of 6 different genres of music and our interpretation of what those genres would taste like. To shop the collection please click here.

We hope you enjoy this specially curated playlist of Oldies music. Tag a music lover, chocolate fan or just simply enjoy. Curious about Goldtop? Follow them @goldtopband on IG/Facebook and Twitter 🙂


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About Goldtop:

Alice Kos and Everett LaRoi have had notable music careers on their own. LaRoi, an AMPIA award-winning composer, cut his teeth in the 1980s with indie-pop trailblazers Idyl Tea and also co-fronts alt-country band ManRayGun. In the wake of Kos’s solo album You Missed It All (produced by LaRoi) and after a run of duo shows, the pair decided to explore writing songs together with the wide array of tools at their disposal. Their longstanding friendship became a full-blown collaboration when they officially joined forces as Goldtop in late 2012. 

They quickly laid the foundation for Goldtop’s avant folk-rock sound, shifting between shadowy dream-pop, crunchy distorted rock and acoustic reverie. The vicious guitar-driven “Rip It Off” and the Laurel Canyon-esque ballad “Even Tonight” illustrate this wide-ranging diversity.

Goldtop’s inaugural single “The Flood” (2016) immediately caught attention in their home province of Alberta, leading to a live session on CBC Radio’s Key of A and rave reviews in the Edmonton Journal and GigCity. You Possess Me marks the beginning of a new chapter for Kos and LaRoi – one that holds seemingly unlimited potential. For the moment, “Goldtop is simply one of the most exciting new bands on the Canadian scene” (Jason Schneider). 

See Goldtop live Friday, Aug 24th @aviarynorwood with Giselle Parker (EP release) and Jody Shenkarek – ALL AGES!!