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Inspired by the flow of the creative process that is classical music, our Classical truffle blends vanilla bean and earl grey tea in a beautifully layered ganache, set in milk chocolate. Hand-painted like a warm summer breeze, the symphonies of flavour are sure to delight!

Our Summer 2018 collection, The Playlist, is a reflection of 6 different genres of music and our interpretation of what those genres would taste like. To shop the collection, please click here:

We hope you enjoy this specially curated playlist of Classical music. Tag a music lover, chocolate fan or just simply enjoy.


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Daniel Waldron is a #yeg oboist who and appears frequently within many local ensembles. In 2016 he made his @edmontonsymphony debut in Holst’s A Fugal Concerto with Elizabeth Faulkner, Alex Prior and the Edmonton Symphony. In 2017 he performed Passio by Arvo Pärt with Pro Coro Canada and Jalons by Xenakis with the Edmonton Symphony. When not performing his hobbies include cycling and gardening. His favourite JACEK chocolate is The Audrey and his favourite composers are Igor Stravinsky, Francis Poulenc and J.S. Bach.

Like what you heard? Here’s a list of 7 Concerts Dan recommends to see in Edmonton:

November 16 & 17: Brahms, Schumann & Strauss conducted buy José-Luis Gomez, featuring Karen Gomyo

December 2: Alberta Baroque Ensemble: Music for a Festive Season

January 11 & 12: Ravel Shostakovich & Stravinsky conducted by Jean-Marie Zeitoun

January 19: The London Haydn Quartet and Eric Hoeprich

February 2: Tafelmusik

March 19: The Juilliard String Quartet

June 14 and 15: Tchaikovsky, Rachmaninoff, & Adams conducted by Alex Prior