Pairing Suggestions with the JACEK Fabric Collection

About the Fabric Collection

Within the chocolate industry, there are two types of producers; the chocolate maker and the chocolatier.  Like most things at JACEK, the best way to  explain the difference is to use a fashion analogy.  The chocolate maker is essentially the fabric-maker, using raw products (cacao beans, sugar) to create fabrics.  The chocolatier is the dressmaker; using the fabrics made by the chocolate-maker to create the final piece, which in our case is truffles, chocolate bars or confections.

Until now, JACEK has exclusively been a chocolatier, proudly using fine French chocolate.  However, in an effort to be more vertically integrated, we have launched our inaugural bean-to-bar collection!  Our ultimate goal is to ensure that there is JOY at each stage, from the farm to your taste buds.

Pairing Suggestions with the Fabric Collection,

Peru Fabric Bar– Prestige De Bourgogne from Cavern.

Dominican Republic Fabric Bar– Big Bang Theory from Blasted Church (red wine).  And this chocolates pairs beautifully with fresh raspberries!

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