A New Pairing with an Old Favourite

It’s here, the Throw Back Collection! The Winter Collection 2016/2017 contains an assortment of 6 decadent chocolates, flavours from past collections.  It is enJoyable to revisit some favourite flavours, and try a new pairing.  The Earl Grey truffle was from the Mad Hatter Collection.  The Mad Hatter Collection was when I did my first pairing with the Earl Grey truffle, at that time I paired with Girard Chardonnay.  This is a great pairing, I still recommend, but I couldn’t resist the opportunity to try the truffle with something new.

Earl Grey: Earl Grey tea infused milk chocolate ganache, suited in a dark chocolate shell (gluten free).

Fattoria Le Pupille Morellino di Scansano DOCG 2014, Tuscany Italy: One of my favourite wines this fall, a delightful find that comes from Fattoria Le Pupille, located in the Tuscany region of Italy, a small estate owned by Elisabetta Geppetti. This wine has a really lovely nose with scents of black tea, violets, black cherry, raspberries and red plums with a hint of balsamic and tobacco leaf.  A really tasty wine, with flavors of red fruits and balsamic, with dried fruits on the finish.  The acidity is well balanced by the fine tannins; the body has good depth and a distinguished richness.  A joy to drink!  A blend of 90% Sangiovese, 5% Malvasia Nera and 5% Alicante.

Together – The Earl Grey Truffle works really well with a an elegantly oaked Chardonnay, the citrus flavours in the wine complement the Earl Grey notes, and the oak profile creates a weight that complements the richness of the truffle. I could have left the pairing at that, but this wine I tried and really enjoyed earlier in the fall was stuck in my head, and I thought the two would work.  One afternoon I stopped by Jacek on 104St, with wine in hand, and tried with Nina and Jamie.  We all agreed these two are a Joy together!  The tea notes in the wine echo the Earl Grey, the acidity from the Sangiovese cuts through  the richness of the truffle, and the milk chocolate works with the fine tannins in the wine.

This is an elegant, Joyfull pairing. Use for an afternoon High Tea, as the sweet note at a cocktail party, and your cozy nights in.  Give these as a gift for the tea lover in your life, hostess gifts, and buy a set for each of your girlfriends.

This wine is available at Sunterra Cellars downtown, and at Everything Wine in Sherwood Park.

Yours in Wine,

Sasha, The Fairy Booze Mother

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You can find this wine at a liquor store near you in Alberta.