The Mother’s Day Collection 2016- behind the scenes

We are so honored to have Giselle Denis (local fine artist), collaborate with JACEK to create an amazing collection to celebrate mom’s this Mother’s Day, and to have her help us to hand-paint the chocolate molds.  Check out some of the pics of our fun day together!
We are super excited that Giselle has transformed our Sherwood Park location into a pop-up art show by hanging many pieces of her Spring 2016 Collection in our boutique.  There is also a stunning piece featured at our 104th street location!

Finally, I have included a couple of photos of some of the TV segments that we have been filming about the collaboration…

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The Mother’s Day Collection is launching on Friday, April 29th!

Painting the chocolate molds


Jacqueline Jacek & Giselle Denis hand-painting the chocolate molds (Orange Blossom) with coloured cocoa butter (and chatting… a lot!)

Team helping to paint the molds

The team (Curtis Jones and Maddie Redeker) jump in to help us paint the molds, as they are taking way longer than we thought they would.  But it’s all in the name of artistry… and it’s definitely not the chatting that is slowing us down (wink).

Orange Blossom- Mother's Day

And we are pleased with the way the Orange Blossom shells have turned out!

Mother's Day Collection 2016

It is all coming together!

Pop up art show- kaska

Giselle’s paintings are stunning, and we are honoured to have them at our Sherwood Park store for a few weeks. Please come and see them!  Photos will never do them justice.


Painting at 104th

And we have this stunner at the 104th Street Boutique.

Giselle Denis at CTV segment

Giselle Denis talking to Dez Melenka of CTV about the collaboration at FaBLOOMosity.

Dez Melenka, Janine Sebastian and Giselle Denis - Mother's Day

These fab entrepreneurial mom’s talking about treating mom’s on CTV! Check out at FaBLOOMosity’s ‘Baby Momma’ Bloom Box!  (Pictured: Giselle Denis, Janine Sebastian of FaBLOOMosity and Dez Melenka of CTV).

Jacqueline talking to CTV

And Jacqueline Jacek talking about the amazing collaboration on the Art, Chocolate, Wine and Floral event that her, Janine Sebastian, Giselle Denis and Sasha McCauley (Sommerlier), are doing for Mother’s Day 2016.