A zebra print plate and matching tea cup, filled with a Triple Hot Chocolate Shot, accompanied with a chocolate spoon.

JACEK Triple Chocolate Hot Shot – as seen on GoEdmonton (VIDEO)

As promised, please find below the recipe for the:


JACEK Triple Chocolate Hot Shot

Yield: 4 servings


12 x tablespoons (1 tin) JACEK Sipping Chocolate

12 x tablespoons whipping cream, whipped

4 x tablespoons 2% milk

4 x Chocolate Spoons (available at the JACEK Boutique)

Marshmallows (about 20 minis)

1 x The Jackie Bar, shaved

1 x tsp water

1 x pinch of salt


1.  Lovingly put 3 tbps of Sipping Chocolate shavings in 4 mugs.

2.  Heat the cream and milk in a pot until it is close to boiling point.  Remove from heat, and pour an equal amount over the Sipping Chocolate in each mug.

3.  Let sit for 20 seconds, then use a fork to stir well.

4.  Put the marshmallows in a zip lock bag, add water and shake well.  Add The Jackie shavings and shake again.

5.  Put a dollop of whipped cream over the steaming chocolate, accessorize with the chocolate spoon and the marshmallows.


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