JACEK Joy Campaign 2016

Joy |joi| noun – a feeling of great pleasure and happiness caused by something exceptionally good or satisfying; keen delight; elation.

Our purpose here at JACEK Chocolate, is oddly not only to serve fine hand-crafted chocolate but to bring joy; whether it be with the chocolate you eat, the experience you have in one of our boutiques or when you gift a box of chocolates. Last summer, our team headed south to Calgary for the day to bring some JACEK joy (chocolate) to YYC. It was a great day filled with giving chocolates to strangers on the street and team bonding. However, this time around, we decided to keep our Joy Campaign local.

One morning, our team met at the Sherwood Park boutique for an early morning breakfast before heading out for our day. While we were eating, Jacqueline finally told us what we would be doing to spread joy this time around. We were heading to the Ronald McDonald House to cook lunch for all the staff and families that are currently staying there.

When we arrived at the house we took over one of the kitchens, split into groups, and became prepping, cooking, and baking.





Once we finished cooking we split into two groups so that one group could tour the house while the others served. During the tour, we were able to drop a box of chocolates outside of each families door. We also had the chance to see the Magic Room. True to its name, this small room was magical. From floor to ceiling the walls were shelves and shelves of toys. This is where children go for birthdays, even if their a sibling, or for celebrating.

The Ronald McDonald house is doing amazing things for northern Alberta. They not only provide a place for families to stay but they also provide excellent support and a positive mindset. We were so happy to be able to bring a little bit of JACEK Joy to everyone there that day.


The morning with the Ronald McDonald house had come to an end and we were off to do some team bonding. Bonding that afternoon included stylish footwear, fierce competition, and many laughs. In the end, Maddie was crowned the JACEK bowling champion! A big thank you to everyone at the Ronald McDonald House for having us!


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  1. Ronald McDonald House and the JACEK team. The beauty is in the magic, the warmth is in the love. Thank you for sharing this incredible event with me.

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