It is officially summer..

It is officially Summer, time for some fun in the sun!

Summer in Edmonton is truly special, it is hard to go away when there is so much to do here: so many great festivals, there is the river valley to explore, day trips to Elk Island, Farmer Markets, and one of my absolute favorite things about Edmonton- the long days with the never ending evenings to sit out and enjoy. Jacek’s summer collection 2016, A Celebration of Picnics,  is the perfect accompaniment to this season’s joy.

The collection has inspired a number of pairings, here is the first one:

The Classic Truffle with Elephant Island Framboise.

Classic Truffle – 70% Dark Chocolate: Crafted from aromatic cocoa beans from the Dominican Republic.  These are made with chocolate from JACEK’s bean-to-bar collection.

Elephant Island Framboise – 100% Raspberries, Fortified Wine, from the Naramata Bench, Okanagan BC.

Smells like a bucket of fresh picked raspberries on a summer day, citrus notes with hints of cocoa bean and apple mint.  In the mouth it is beautiful wonderful fresh raspberries, lemon and cocoa earthiness.  At once sweet, while being tart and fresh, rich and delicious.

Together – Raspberries and dark chocolate, a classic combination. The tart raspberry acidity balances the richness of the truffle, the cocoa bean notes in the wine mirror the aromatics of the cocoa beans from the Dominican Republic.

Serve the Elephant Island Framboise as you would a port, a couple of ounces in a Port Glass or add some soda/sparkling water to 2oz in a rocks glass with ice, finish with a twist, for a refreshing hot summer night digestive. Store the wine in the fridge up to one month.

Enjoy these two together as part of a late evening on the deck, as dessert after a BBQ, your Canada Day Party or give as a Hostess gift.

Add a mark of distinction to your garden party or tea, serve Elephant Island Framboise in Sparkling Wine, a twist on a classic Kir Royal with Jacek Classic Truffles.

To find Elephant Island Framboise in Alberta, product search.

If you want another idea for what you can make with the Elephant Island Framboise, here are some summer cocktail recipes.

To arrange a Wine and Chocolate with Sasha.