An Innovative Pairing Café de olla and Compass Box Spice Tree

The Winter Collection 2016/2017 contains an assortment of 6 decadent chocolates, flavours from past collections.  It is enjoyable to revisit some favourite flavours, and try new pairings.  A rich bold truffle, that pairs beautifully with Compass Box Spice Tree.

Café de Olla: Spiced dark chocolate mocha ganache infused with orange zest and spices, like cinnamon and clove (gluten friendly).

Compass Box Spice Tree Blended Malt Scotch:

The Spice Tree is made from 100% malt whisky sourced from northern Highland distilleries. The primary maturation is in a mix of first-fill and refill American oak.  The secondary maturation is where things get interesting – the whisky is put into barrels with heavily toasted new French oak heads.  This is an innovative casking method in the Whisky world, a way of obtaining the unique flavour profile while complying with the Scotch Whisky Association.  The first version of this Whisky was discontinued after threat of legal action from the SWA, read more about Compass Box.

The nose is lovely – fragrant and aromatic with notes of dried herbs, spices, orange rind, oak and vanilla. There are notes of  brown sugar, bourbon, and malt with a hint of pepper. Rich, round and sweet in the palate, with flavors of vanilla, almonds, toffee and hints of chocolate and mocha.  The finish is long and sustained, with lingering notes of vanilla and brown sugar.  One of my favorites from the Compass Box signature range, I love the beautiful nose.


Together –This pairing is about innovators-  JACEK in the Chocolate World and Compass Box in the Whisky World, and strong distinct flavours.  One of the guidelines for pairings is to balance like with like, in this case the boldness and richness of these two.  They have complimentary flavours, vanilla and orange, mocha and almond.  As well as like notes- both are spicy with hints of orange.

Perfect for a cold winter’s night as we head into the very cold months, and something different for book club.

Yours in Wine and Whisky,


The Fairy Booze Mother

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