Camping Themed Home Workouts

Gyms may be closed but thats not stopping us this summer! Get the whole family moving with this fun, camping inspired workout.

Potty Squatty

Work those thighs with some squats!*

*Reading a JACEK menu proves to provide great motivation for finishing your workout!


Channel your inner lumberjack with this practical exercise. Your reward afterwards? A pile of firewood thats just begging to be made into a cozy campfire.

Log Carry

Another practical workout! This exercise can be done simply walking, but to add to the challenge, include lunges!

Pass the Pine

Double the fun! Bring a partner with you for this workout and practise teamwork while you get strong.

Tree Climb

Finish off your workout with an adventure up a tree. This full body workout will test your bravery and your stregth!