Custom Chocolate

At JACEK Chocolate Couture our core purpose is to spread joy through fine, fashionable chocolate. We are committed to innovation, artistry and sustainability. Each piece at JACEK is crafted using the finest ingredients, including Valrhona chocolate and our own in-house bean-to-bar chocolate. JACEK Chocolate Couture was born of a concept to spread joy through fashionable chocolate, and the brand was launched in December 2009. Fashion is woven through the business by launching seasonal collections several times a year and having a line of artisan chocolate bars, each with its own style. Inspired by haute-couture, our team of chocolatiers create edible masterpieces. Each piece is handcrafted to showcase shape, flavour and design.

Whether you are planning a wedding, a corporate event or another special event, allow us to help you bring joy to your valued guests, team & clients with customized chocolate gifts!

Jacqueline Jacek
Founder & Cocoanista

Download our custom gift brochure here or click on the image.