Couture Collection

  • $14.00

The Spring Collection 2022 is here! Catch a glimpse of what we imagine the future of fine, artisanal chocolate to be with the new 'Couture Collection'. This collection challenges the boundaries of concept, flavour, and design and represents our hope for the future of chocolate including thoughtful sourcing and global flavours.


Balsamic & Strawberry: Tart and sweet, a stunning combination of aged balsamic and strawberry.

Parmesan & Honey: Parmigiano Reggiano balanced with a dollop of honey, wrapped in dark chocolate.

Sriracha & Almond: A nutty base topped with creamy ganache and a hint of heat in a dress of dark chocolate.

Cacao de Peru: Rare Nacional cacao beans in a classic dark chocolate truffle.

Miso Caramel: Oozy caramel delicately accessorized with earthy white miso in milk chocolate.

Dulcey Pear: Caramelized white chocolate laced with green pear in a milk chocolate shell.

This product is best enjoyed within two weeks of delivery. Please store in dry, cool place.

Contains: Almonds, Hazelnuts, Milk, Soy. May contain: Peanuts, Gluten. See ingredients and nutritional information.