The Bulembu house, after the restoration was complete!

How chocolate built a house!

As many of you know, the JACEK Team created a Bulembu Collection of chocolates last summer, with 100% of the proceeds donated to Bulembu. We raised over $9,500 which was the cost to restore a home for 6 orphaned children living in this town filled with hope.

My parents (Margo & Tom) and my mom’s cousin and her husband (Simone & Patrick) just came back from an amazing experience as voluntourists in Bulembu (Swaziland), and I wanted to share their photo of the house (which is called ‘The Chocolate House’ by the locals!), and a short snippet of their experience there (by Margo):

We left Krueger Park today as we have been there a few days experiencing the wild of Africa on safari.  The day has come for our reason in coming here – going to Bulembu. On our drive here we passed mango, orange, papaya, banana, macadamia nut orchards as well as sugar cane plantations.  We also stopped and bought some honey nut nougat that this area is known for. 

The scenery is majestic driving through the mountain range and there are plenty of windy roads. Along the way we had a baboon cross the road and at the next turn was a cute velvet monkey sitting in the middle of the road staring at us as we drove by.  This same kind of cute creature that had had a party on our deck that woke us up one morning at Jocks Safari.

Upon our arrival in Buembu we had an introductory tour of the main kitchen where the food is prepared for the children.  The head cook outlined the Children’s menus for the week, but chocolate was never mentioned!

We then were taken up to the area where the homes are for the children. The Jacek Chocolate house was completed recently and we met the six boys who are living there.  It was an emotional and proud moment for Tom and I as we stood there knowing how many people had supported the project that the Jacek chocolate team had spearheaded.  Tom and Patrick will spend time there every day getting to know the boys better.  Simone and I will be in the house next door working with six girls.  

Here are photos of what a house looks like prior to restoration, and what it looks like afterwards.


Prior to Restoration

Inside before the restoration



Note the sink outside the house.  All children that are three years old and older do their laundry every day after school in this sink!

A huge thank you again for all those that purchased the Bulembu Collection.  Please join our newsletter to be the first to know when we do this again!

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