Cause for Celebration: A Joyous Pairing

“It looks like a party!”

Really, that is the kind of response I want to invoke, and this pairing inspires that.

The Chocolate:

Rosemary & Dulce de Leche Truffle- Dark chocolate truffle with rosemary, topped with dulce de leche.  From The Waltz of Sweets – Winter Collection 2017

The Wine:

Champagne Hubert Paulet Tradition Brut 1er Cru N/V- Beautiful grower Champagne from Premier Cru Vineyards in Rilly La Montagne.  On the nose aromas of orange, lemon curd, honey and minerality swirl in the glass.  There is a richness in the wine, from partial malolactic fermentation, dosage of 9 g/l, and a high percentage if Meunier grapes in the blend.  Flavours of citrus, honey, with buttery croissant notes, fresh and zesty- a lovely Champagne.  49% Pinot Meunier, 27% Pinot Noir, 24% Chardonnay. The family produces less than 2000 cases a year from half their 20 acres of sustainably farmed fruit; the other half is sold to the famous house of Billecart.

Why Grower Champagne?  Grower Champagne, is sparkling wine from the region Champagne in France that is made by the same estate that grows the fruit.  While Champagne is dominated by the large Houses, who produce most of the wine, Growers Champagne is an emerging category.  It represents the people and the families who grow the grapes, and the wines reflect their distinct vineyards and soil- the Terroir.  If you like the flavour, uniqueness of farm eggs, estate coffee, and single origin chocolate (like bean-to-bar), I highly recommend exploring Grower Champagne.


A cause for celebration for how beautifully these are together.  The citrus notes in the wine contrast nicely with the rosemary in the truffle.  The texture, and subtle richness of the Champagne balance with the dulce de leche, which was a Joyful surprise. The dark chocolate keeps the truffle from being overtly sweet, creating a lovely balance with the dulce de leche.

Spread Joy this Holiday season, share with your Bubble Swirling Tribe a true treat: JACEK Rosemary & Dulce de Leche Truffle and Champagne Hubert Paulet Tradition Brut 1er Cru N/V.

Yours in Wine,


The Fairy Booze Mother

Champagne Hubert Paulet Tradition Brut 1er Cru N/V is available at Jasper Wine Market (11452 Jasper Ave) or search online for a store near you (in Alberta)