A Joyful Step for JACEK: The Bean-to-Bar Collection

JACEK Chocolate Couture started back in December 2009 with the vision of combining two facets of joy; fashion and fine chocolate. With this in mind, a business was created where a new line of artisan bonbons (truffles) was created for each fashion season. The unique model of seasonal collections is a platform for continuous evolution of our products. It allows our team to be very creative and to continuously innovate, which is a joyful journey for us, and hopefully for our guests.

Over the last few years, our team has evolved, bringing in new talent and skills, which has allowed us to grow and bring more joy to our community. For this reason, we decided to take a new step in chocolate production, and have become a chocolate-maker as well as being a chocolatier.

The best way to describe the difference between a Chocolatier & a Chocolate Maker is to use a fashion analogy:


The Chocolate Maker is essentially the fabric-maker. They source the raw materials (cacao), refine and transform it into chocolate from the cocoa bean. Curious about this process? Click here for a step-by-step of the chocolate making process!


The Chocolatier is essentially the dressmaker, purchasing chocolate made by the Chocolate Maker, and using their technical skills to blend, temper and complete the process to create the final bonbon (truffle) or chocolate bar.

In 2015, we focused on how our team could work to a new level of fulfilling our core purpose to bring joy, and thought that a bean-to-bar line would help us achieve our goals.  The goal is to meet cacao farmers who we are sourcing from for our chocolate.  This is made possible by working with a transparent intermediary (Uncommon Cacao) to purchase cacao ethically, especially in regions of conflict like Colombia.

The first four origins that we are working with are Costa Rica (working with Nahua Cacao), Colombia, Peru and the Dominican Republic. Each origin has distinct flavours and characteristics. Want to learn more, check out our self-guided tasting!

Jacqueline Jacek visits the origin farms

Unfortunately, the trip to Peru in 2020 to meet the farmers in the Marañón canyon was cancelled due to travel restrictions imposed by COVID-19, but this trip will be rescheduled once travel opens up again (and we can’t wait!).

Chocolate ethically sourced

JACEK will continue to source chocolate from expert Chocolate Makers in France (Valrhona) for their artisan truffle collections, as they are also committed to ethical practices. Being both bean-to-bar & working with other chocolate makers will allow us to diversify how we source our chocolate (but all ethically of course!), and to create interesting & delicious new products for our guests to enjoy.

Recurso 1-8

Interested to know which JACEK products are made from our in-house bean-to-bar line?  The products made from this very special line are marked with  this logo.

Award-winning chocolate

70% Dominican Republic
Bronze winner of the 2018 Academy of Chocolate Awards in the category “Bean to bar (under 80% cocoa solids)”.

90% Dominican Republic
Bronze winner of the Academy of Chocolate Awards 2018 in the category “Bean to bar (80% and above cocoa solids)”
Bronze winner of the International Chocolate Awards 2018 in the category “High % dark plain/origin chocolate bars (85% and over)”.

70% Costa Rica
Silver winner of the International Chocolate Awards 2018 in the category “Plain/origin dark chocolate bars”.

70% Colombia
Gold winner
 of the International Chocolate Awards’ 2019 World Final in the category “Micro-batch – Plain/origin dark chocolate bar Colombia”.
Silver winner of the International Chocolate Awards 2018 in the category “Plain/origin dark chocolate bars”.

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