Pairings for Day #1, #2 & #3 of the Advent Calendar

The JACEK Advent Calendar starts tomorrow, and what could be more decadent to start the countdown to Christmas than pairings for the first three days of December, as seen on the CTV Morning Live segment last week!

PAIRING for Day #1: dark chocolate from the Dominican Republic

Paired with a French Raclette from Cavern

  • Mountain Alp Cheese, which is milder than the Swiss version
  • Aged approx. 90 days
  • Washed with brine (salt)
  • Butter and cream notes with a hint of hay
  • The pairing is heavenly; bringing out a savoury earthy undertone in the chocolate

PAIRING for Day #2: 66% dark chocolate from Mexico

  • Paired with the Baileyana Fire Peak Pinot Noir (Available at Keg & Cork)
  • From the Edna Valley, California
  • Notes of ripe dark cherry and bright fruit with a hint of spice in the wine
  • Both the chocolate and the wine have a silky mouthfeel
  • The smokey note from the Mexican cocoa beans results in a really interesting pairing
  • Paired on boldness and silky mouthfeel, which results in a lingering finish

PAIRING for Day #3: candied hazelnuts in 63% dark chocolate,

  • Paired with Credo Coffeeโ€™s House Blend, by Intelligentsia
    • African and central American blend roasted to be a well rounded, rich and full bodied coffee.
    • This is a great holiday pairing
    • Coffee to stand up to the complexity of flavours in the hazelnuts; nuts, sweet, salty, caramel
    • Result of the pairing is that the coffee brings takes the decadent toasty warm flavour of the toasted hazelnuts to a new level.
    • So yummy… you’ll keep going back and forth between the hazelnuts and the coffee.