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The container filled with items for Bulembu has sailed!

A huge thank you to everyone who purchased a Bulembu Collection this summer for the ‘container shipping‘ project- 100% of the proceeds from the chocolates were donating, resulting in over $7,000!  Kudos to Sherry Dorsey and her team who collected, sorted and packed all of the items for the container!  Check out the photos of the container leaving Canada!

Marie-Antoinette Collection 2015 Photo Shoot… Chocolate, champagne, and JOY!

How could we possibly launch a Marie-Antoinette Collection, and not take the opportunity to do a photoshoot to celebrate her, and this amazing time of opulence! Randall MacDonald and I got all dolled up on a hot summer’s day (like, really hot!) to take some shots for a collection that would be launching 4 months later (remember, we have been planning this for nearly a year).  Naturally, with the heat and the amount of clothing we had to wear, we had to stay hydrated… with champagne of course (it seems most appropriate given the period we were representing).  Randall was >> READ MORE

A note from Randall MacDonald- the inside scoop on the Marie-Antoinette Collection!

We are so excited for the launch of the Winter Collection 2015 this Friday, October 16th!  We met with Randall MacDonald nearly a year ago, where he shared some of his research and love of the eighteenth century. The Note: When Jacqueline Jacek asked me to work with her team as they develop their Marie-Antoinette collection for Winter 2015, I was thrilled. Not only is this one of my favorite periods but JACEK Chocolate has a reputation for their unique spin on flavours and design. I talked to the JACEK team about the looks, sights and smells of this century >> READ MORE