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Recipe: Green cocoa nib smoothie

The mornings where I’m running late and don’t have the time to make a proper wholesome breakfast, this is my ‘go to’. Smoothies are a great way to get tons of vegetables and vitamins while drinking something that tastes amazing and is filling. Cocoa nibs are the perfect addition to any smoothie as they add just a touch of chocolate flavour. This smoothie recipe makes enough for 3-4 servings. Green Cocoa Nib Smoothie: -1 cup chocolate almond milk (can be any milk or milk substitute) -2 frozen bananas -1/2 cup plain Greek yogurt -1/2 cup peanut butter -1 tbsp. honey -1 >> READ MORE

Items needed for the shipment to Bulembu!

A wonderful team of Bulembu supporters and volunteers are putting together the items needed in Bulembu, to include in a shipment leaving in late fall.  Please note that they are only sending lightly used/or new clothing as the space in the container is limited, so we want to ensure that the goods that are being sent are of a very good standard. Please note that you are welcome to drop off goods at JACEK Chocolate’s Sherwood Park location (406 Kaska Road) from 10am-4pm from Monday to Friday. The deadline for the donation of items is Sept 2, 2015. ITEMS/QUANTITY NEEDED >> READ MORE

Meet the JACEK staff!

“A successful team beats with one heart” – Unknown   Curtis– Chocolatier and Operations Manager What is your favourite type of chocolate? Bonnat Chuao What brings you the most joy? My wife and daughter Who is your favourite fashion designer? Medium Rare Chef Apparel Cora- Head chocolatier What is your favourite type of chocolate? Valrhona Guanaja What brings you the most joy? Spending time with my family, reading, and never ending learning What is your favourite food? Any kind of pasta. Sushi too! Favourite Inspirational Quote? This is your world, shape it or someone else will. Heather- Chocolatier What is your favourite >> READ MORE