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The JACEK Joy Campaign (Calgary 2015)

    Last month, the majority of the JACEK Chocolate Couture Staff packed up bright and early for a day of spreading joy, inspiration, and team bonding in Calgary. Also known as, the JACEK Joy Campaign. While in Calgary, we wanted to visit and experience some of the cities amazing local eateries. Naturally, our first stop was a coffee shop to refuel from the long morning drive. So off we went to Analog Coffee on 17th Ave, a shop that is owned by Fratello Coffee Roasters. The shop was very busy with a majority of the seating taken and a constant flow >> READ MORE

Recipe: Chocolate Espresso Mousse

Chocolate and coffee; a natural, beautiful, smooth pairing. This chocolate espresso mousse is not overly sweet or complicated. It’s a perfect simple dessert that can finish any meal off on the right note. Mousse has three main components; whipped cream, pâté à bombe, and of course, chocolate. Ingredients – 1 3/4 cup cold whipping cream – 225 grams chopped Valrhona Jivara callets -1 tbsp. room temperature unsalted butter -6 tbsp espresso, brewed -6 egg yolks -1/3 cup granulated sugar First step, is to prepare your whipped cream. Whip cream until stiff peaks are formed. Be sure to not over whip as >> READ MORE