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JACEK Pairing Recommendations- Christmas in November 2014 Guests

As promised, please find below the pairing recommendations that were made in the Chocolate Demonstration at Christmas in November 2014:   Cheese & Artisan Chocolate Bar Pairings (all cheese’s from Quebec) Caprano Goat Cheese (soft & buttery) with the Audrey Bar Soeur Angele (double cream rind cheese) with the Frank Bar Le Douanier (semi soft cheese with a split of maple ash) with the Marguerite Bar Make it a one-stop shop!  These cheeses and some of the JACEK bars are available at The Cavern (10169-104th St, #2, Edmonton).   Wine & Artisan Chocolate Bar Pairings Peller Ice Cuvée with the >> READ MORE

Tempering Chocolate- Christmas in November Guests

Firstly, a huge thank you to those that attended the JACEK Chocolate session at Christmas in November 2014  at the Jasper Park Lodge. As promised please find below the instructions on how to temper chocolate to create your beautiful pieces for Christmas (remember, be innovative and think outside the box when it comes to flavour infusions!). Tempering Dark Chocolate 1.  Melt your chocolate in a bain-marie (double boiler) until it reaches 45 degrees celcius.  (you can purchase a laser thermometer from Costco for $34.95) 2. On a marble (or granite slab), pour 2/3 of  the melted chocolate, and use an >> READ MORE