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An ‘Africa Inspired’ Collection? Thoughts by Simone Demers-Collins

Per my previous blog posting, my parents and their cousins Simone and Pat are still in Bulembu as voluntourists.  Simone sent me a couple more thoughts from their time on Safari, which I wanted to share.  This is making me think that maybe we should do an ‘Africa Inspired’ Collection:   From Simon Demers-Collins: I have pictures of many giraffes – some shorter and some whose heads tower above the trees of Kruger plains. And I have pictures of the leopards – mother, son and perhaps another relative. Then we met the wild dogs of Africa – a group nearly >> READ MORE

A perspective from Bulembu – By Simone Demers-Collins

My parents (Margo & Tom) and my mom’s cousin (Simone & Pat) are currently in Bulembu as voluntourists!  I wanted to post one of Simone’s notes that she sent today (more to come soon!):   They say that food is one of the great unifying elements of people… and this is truly evident in this visit to Bulembu’s children.  From the house visit to the children, neighbours to Jacek’s blue/brown house, to the few who approached us as we waited outside the dining hall, and those who greeted us this morning at the elementary school assembly, the common theme was >> READ MORE