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New Wine & Chocolate pairing recommendations!

Baseline Wine and I met up again to pair some chocolate and wine again (tough job I know!) and here are some new winners!  The pairings include three flavours from the Nostalgia 2013 Collection and a couple of artisan chocolate bars.  Here are the recommendations: – Old Fashioned Root Beer Float and Peller Ice Cuvee ($34.99) -Shirley Temple and Moet & Chandon Brut ($54.99) – Spiked Caramel Apple and Greywacke Sauvignon Blanc ($23.99) – Frank with Cameron Hughes Lot 285 Cabernet Sauvignon ($29.99) -Audrey hooked up with Kunde Reserve Old Vines Zinfandel ($34.99) Click here to contact Baseline Wine & Spirits >> READ MORE

Chocolate & Wine Pairing Tips

  Top 5 tips on pairing chocolate and wine: 1) The best way to pair chocolate and wine is to first taste them separately, and then taste them together (take a small piece of chocolate, coat your tongue, and once there is only a little bit left, take a sip of wine).  This will give you an appreciation of the notes that each product has on their own, and then see how the flavours are married when they are tasted together.  It is amazing to see how the flavour profiles change when they are enjoyed together. 2) Whatever should hypothetically >> READ MORE