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JACEK Chocolate Featured in Where Magazine

Check out the pic on page 4 & page 17!

Eggcellent Photo Shoot Lindsay!

Thank you to Lindsay Mark-Mills for doing such a stellar job on the photo shoot for my limited (very limited!) edition Chic-Hen Egg Collection.   There are only 90 cartons (of 6) of the eggs available from March 16th.  The 6 types of eggs in the collection are: 64% dark chocolate made from exquisite Madagascar cocoa beans, crusted with toasted pistachio & tart cherry. 72% dark chocolate made from the best Criollo & Trinitario Venezuelan beans, adorned with edible 24 carat gold. 85% dark chocolate made from African cocoa beans accessorized with tropical green tea and cocoa nibs. Caramelized milk chocolate dressed in >> READ MORE

Chocolate Bowl- Instructions

As promised on the CTV Live segment this morning (see below for the link), below are the instructions on how to make a chocolate bowl from home.  The bowls are very easy to make, and are sure to wow your guests!  You can use the bowls for dessert, ice cream or as a nest for JACEK Chic-Hen Eggs (launching on March 15th!):: Ingredients/Tools required: 200 grams high quality chocolate (Valrhona/Felchlin/Cacao Barry) Small to medium size bowl for dipping Bain Marie (or pot filled with 1 inch of water and a metal bowl on top) Plastic food wrap (Saran wrap) Parchment >> READ MORE