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Tain L'Hermitage – Home of Valrhona

Tain L’Hermitage, in the Rhone Valley of France, is home to one of the world’s best chocolate makers – Valrhona.  Tim and I spent two days in this small town (population 6,000), which was a good break from the larger cities we had visited.  On the downside though, it was winter and it appeared that many of the shop owners were still on Christmas break so most things were closed, so we took many long walks along the river and caught up on some much needed rest. Another small lesson in visiting small town France is that the town closes >> READ MORE

NEW Collection Launching on Feb 2, 2012

A brand new collection will be launching on Feb 2nd, just in time for Valentine’s Day!  This fabulous new collection will feature six new flavours, and will be available online and at the retail partners (Bon Ton Bakery, Everything Cheese, Credo and Cafe Haven) from Feb 2nd onwards! Here is a sneak peek at the new collection…Be in quick as stock is limited for Valentine’s Day (keeping in mind that the chocolates are fresh, and have a 3 week shelf life).

Weiss Chocolatiers – Lyon

As promised, I wanted to dedicate a blog posting to Weiss Chocolatiers. Tim and I stumbled upon this little shop on our way back to our hotel on our last day in Lyon.  It was such a gem!  Everything from the decor in the shop, to the product displays, the packaging, to the customer service were all really fantastic.  We were warmly greeted when we entered the shop by the two shop assistants, and we began a conversation in my broken French! The shop assistant informed me that Weiss chocolate is made (from the bean!) in a town called St.Etienne >> READ MORE

A first taste of chocolate in France…

So what they say is true.  There is a Patissier, a Boulangerie and a Chocolatier on every street corner.  However, the fascinating thing remains how the french stay so slim despite the sinful delights on every corner.  This Canadian will be indulging with no regard to the implications to her waistline.  Technically, eating the sumptuous, sugar laden morsels is part of my job, and a good job I must do. After a wonderful stint in Berlin (where I launched the Vintage 2012 Collection for Erin and Carsten’s Wedding guests), we arrived in Lyon.  The first stop, not surprisingly, was a >> READ MORE