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The Rocky Mountain Wine and Food Fest Wraps Up!

Firstly, a big thank you to the wonderful ladies (Cora, Elisa, Melanie, Melissa, Mom, Rhiannon and Amy!) for doing such a stellar job in working the JACEK Chocolate booth at the Rocky Mountain Wine and Food Fest last weekend!  Over 2,800 chocolates were sampled over three evenings!  Thank you to everyone who tried the new Ruby & Gold Collection… I hope you all enjoyed them, and thank you for all of the feedback (all positive which was great!). A huge congratulations to Rhonda Gomme on winning the $100 JACEK Gift Voucher.  I will be calling you tomorrow to let you >> READ MORE

Sipping Chocolate… NEW Product

I have had many customers ask about whether or not I do a hot chocolate, and I have finally come up with a ‘drinking chocolate’ blend that I am really proud of! The Sipping Chocolate is a combination of a very rich dark chocolate from Guanaja (to give it that intense chocolate flavour) combined with a hint of creamy French milk chocolate.  The combination was chosen as you can drink it ‘black’ like coffee or add sugar/honey to make it sweeter for those who prefer some sweetness. Included in the Sipping Chocolate Tin are three great recipes; Iced-Mocha, Mayan Hot >> READ MORE

Back in Production!

Oliver Thomas safely arrived into the world on July 12th, and we are very much enjoying the adventures of parenthood!  But of course, we were also busy preparing for the upcoming busy season so the fashion house for your taste buds is back in production as of this week! I am so excited to launch the Ruby & Gold Collection 2011.  It is very rich (in flavour and title!) and has some of my favorite flavours; fresh ground hazelnut to name one! I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!