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Chocolate in Vancouver – Part Two…!

Part two of this blog features my favorite chocolatier…After much deliberation on which transportation method would be best to get to our chocolate destination, we decided to take the most adventurous method, and adventurous it was! We made the trek from the Pan Pacific to Thomas Haas on the Seabus then on a bus.   We had to walk about 15 minutes from the bus stop to the shop and although we were a little dubious that we were actually in the right area (quite industrial), we turned the corner of a very quiet street and found the bustling gem that >> READ MORE

Chocolate in Vancouver

Vancouver is a great city, and what makes it even greater is the fabulous chocolate that it has to offer! One of the very hard parts of being a chocolatier is all the grueling work that I must endure in eating some fabulous chocolates for my ‘research’.  Even worse, I have to make my friends work as well while on vacation (thanks Melanie and Melissa for all your efforts)!  Tasting chocolate, pairing it with wine and working off the calories by shopping really isn’t for the faint-hearted. Over the next few days, I will highlight some of my favorite chocolate >> READ MORE

A sweet opportunity to meet with Sherwood Park delegates!

I had the honor today of giving a tour to the Sherwood Park Mayor, Councillors, Chamber of Commerce and Economic Development & Tourism delegates. My business is still very new (only 6 months old), but these busy people took the time to come learn about JACEK Chocolate, talk about opportunities for my growing venture and of course sample some chocolate!  The first chocolate they tried was from a Private Collection- Modern Cube with a 68% dark ganache using beans from Madagascar (rich red fruit notes)… It was great to speak with them about the many new businesses in Sherwood Park >> READ MORE

Spring Collection at Kirsten's Chocolates this weekend!

If you haven’t been to Kirsten’s Chocolates yet, then you must go check it out!  Edmonton has very few chocolate boutiques, and this is one of my faves! Kirsten’s Chocolates has 6 piece collections + individual chocolates (for those of you that want to pick your own) from the JACEK Chocolate Spring Collection! Address: 10139 112th St Edmonton, AB T5K 1M1 Enjoy!

Trendsetting Bride Manifesto Features JACEK Chocolates!

Here is a snippet of Monique’s (from Bridescouts) posting…. Click on the link at the end to view the full post! I’m not sure what takes over me when I see or sometimes even think about chocolate! I am one of those weird people who have to have a little bit, basically every day of my life!. It’s my fix, so don’t worry if you are out of your stash, just come knock on my door and I can hook you up. Speaking of hook up, Jacek Chocolate Couture based in Edmonton can definitely hook you up with some goods! >> READ MORE