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Edible Words?!

How do you make a meal even more memorable?  Have the menu elegantly presented on a handmade chocolate bar with edible gold leaf of the reverse!  The only mistake I made here was that I made one edible menu per couple (every second seat)…. so guests that arrived early replaced the inedible paper version for a chocolate one.  Truth be told- I probably would  have done the same! Some of the other chocolate details that I incorporated into our big day were a chocolate medallion with our monogram on each plated dessert, and a tower of favour boxes in the shape of a wedding >> READ MORE

Worldwide chocolate sales increase despite recession!

The desire (need?) for chocolate continues to grow which I believe is testament to the irrevocable experience offered by the product of the humble cacao pod. Unfortunately, the growth in Canada was not highlighted in this article, but interesting to know nonetheless that sales worldwide have increased!  You can view the article by clicking on the link below- Worldwide Chocolate Sales Rise Despite Recession

Coming Soon… Valentine's Day Collection!

I am really excited to launch the Valentine’s Day Collection on 28 January, 2010!   There will be three Collections available for a three week period, and again this collection is limited to 3,000 chocolates (pre-orders available by emailing   Collections will also be available from the Salisbury Farmer’s Market in Sherwood Park on 28 January, 04 February and 11 February (4:30pm-8pm).  You can also buy them downtown from Black & Bold (12220-Jasper Ave) between 29 January- 14 February (while stock lasts)… Shipping available for this collection.  Please email for rates etc…. This is a fabulous collection… think pink, red and dark!  >> READ MORE