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Behind the scenes- the JACEK Chocolate Couture brand

For those interested in the branding (more specifically, for new business or chocolate branding), I thought I would share a great link here of how the JACEK Chocolate Couture brand became what it is today-  It is written by Paper-Leaf Design, the company that did the JACEK Chocolate Couture logo, website and packaging… It is expertly written from a designer’s point of view, with insight into how into how a brand is developed (ie. how to take the vision that an entrepreneur has for the look & feel of their business to a ‘real’ and functional brand- not an easy task!). 

Christmas Collection SOLD OUT before they were made!!

Wow… what an adventure the first JACEK Chocolate Couture was!!  3 weeks, with a lot of caffeine, help from friends and family, over 4,600 chocolates were made.  The collection was a HUGE hit, and over exceeded my expections in terms of how quickly they would sell!