Marie-Antoinette Collection 2015 Photo Shoot… Chocolate, champagne, and JOY!

How could we possibly launch a Marie-Antoinette Collection, and not take the opportunity to do a photoshoot to celebrate her, and this amazing time of opulence!

Randall MacDonald and I got all dolled up on a hot summer’s day (like, really hot!) to take some shots for a collection that would be launching 4 months later (remember, we have been planning this for nearly a year).  Naturally, with the heat and the amount of clothing we had to wear, we had to stay hydrated… with champagne of course (it seems most appropriate given the period we were representing).  Randall was extremely prepared, and brought straws made of shiny stainless steel to ensure that our lipstick was not smeared by the delicious bubbles.  Genius, right?!

Randall has the most amazing sayings, and two gems of the day that I continue to live by are:

1) More is more less is poor, darling

Context: I had brought three sets of jewelry to the shoot, as I couldn’t decide which would be best, so I wanted his opinion.  He shared this brilliant saying, and continued to string the three sets of jewelry into one!  I wore every shiny thing I had brought.  Look closely at the photos to see Randall’s masterpiece (including earrings in my hair).

2) If it isn’t moving, gild it.

Context: who needs context?  He does have a very solid point.

This was a super fun day, and of course I have to thank a few people who joined us in the fun!

Cora-Lea, thank you for doing the photography, even though you were 8 months pregnant! Joanne and Jamie – thank you for the artistic direction, Darcy – thank you being a wonderful support and making sure we stayed ‘hydrated’, Erin (Blunt Salon)- thanks for doing my crazy hair! And finally, a huge thank you Randall for agreeing to do this… you’re such a natural star!

Oh right, the photos, here are my top 10:


Jacek-14 Jacek-23 Jacek-47 Jacek-56   Jacek-125 Jacek-177 Jacek-187 Jacek-218 Jacek-225Jacek-8


I hope you are as excited about this collection as we are!  #enJOY



  1. Jakigh says:

    Amazing photos! There is a playful delight captured while remaining decadent. Completely divine!

  2. Connie Edwards says:

    Love this idea and have always loved Jacek chocolates – ok and Randall too! 🙂

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